Datasmith for Modo?


Does anyone know if the Datasmith plugin is coming to Modo?

Working with ArchViz in Modo and Vray Im looking for a flexible sollution to get my scenes into Unreal, without having to recreate my materials, lights etc. A great alternative would of course be Vray for Unreal, but as far as i know its not Modo compatible either.


Another Modo user here too.
There is the Modo-bridge, but I doesn’t really a good job to get things like textures over.
I usually take and rework some materials from UE4 and can quickly remake the materials I need. After a couple of projects you will have a library of materials you can reuse.
There is a Vray for modo ( or was, the latest versions are supported anymore) and there is a vray for unreal, so you could use those Vray-scenes ( some vray-format) to export stuff over ( haven’t tried it myself)
Twinmotion does a better job of importing LXO’s. Now there is a exporter/importer to UE4. haven’t tried it myself.
I hope it helps :slight_smile: