DataSmith for macOS

I use SketchUp, which works better on macOS than Windows. However, I go through a lot of headaches trying to import SketchUp files without datasmith. I instead have to download all my material on a drive, start up a second computer, and then launch Unreal and pull the file from the drive. Its a complete waste of time and with the new Mac Pro…I would think Unreal would be able to have a macOS version of datasmith.

2nd that! I’m just gotten deeper into this and realizing there’s no any reasonable workflow for getting my designs from Sketchup Pro into Unreal…

Are you on Mac?

I got Unreal to work but now my Datasmith won’t connect to SketchUp and I cannot save .udatasmith files.

Yeah I’m on a Mac, I’ve basically done a deep dive into Blender as a result. It will be beneficial in the long run, but man Blender has a learning curve :slight_smile:

was looking forward to trying out Unreal for some furniture, product, interiors projects, then realised after using all that disk space downloading to my new MBP 16" that it is completely useless if I can’t import my Rhino 3dm or FBX files via the data smith button ??