Datasmith for Assembly Files

The datasmith documentation says it imports asm files from both Solidworks and Creo, but I haven’t had success in using it for that. I am on the poly side of things and don’t have Solidworks or Creo, so I can’t test simple files for reference.

With either of the top level assemblies 4.26 just imports nothing. It doesn’t freeze, but it doesn’t bring anything in. For the Creo assembly (what I am working with currently), I did some research and some forums said 4.25 is more stable with datasmith so I switched to 4.25. 4.25 freezes when I try to import the Creo Assembly (I’m not working with the Solidworks Assembly now), and I have to force quite UE4. I have tried to import some of the smaller assemblies hoping it was a file size issue, but the same thing seems to happen.

Is there something else I should be doing? I’m confused because I’m not on the CAD side of things ( I don’t have Creo or Solidworks, even the assembly/part relationship is new to me, and I can’t check these files in their native softwares, or try simpler assemblies to import. I have what I have. I can however see the creo assembly in creo viewer.) Is Datasmith not capable of handling the CAD data for entire vehicles? I assumed it would be.

I can’t share the file unfortunately, but if you have any advice I would appreciate it.