Datasmith For 3DS Max 2021 Not Working


When trying to install Datasmith for 3DS Max 2021 the install fails.

I’m having the same problem but it’s asking me the installation package ‘UnrealDatasmithMaxExporter_4_24_2.msi’.
Have you found a solution?

Hi, sorry - I didn’t see your reply! I had to download the older msi file of Datasmith - then uninstalled the older Datasmith (it wouldn’t uninstall without the old msi file present). Then the new Datasmith installed onto Revit perfectly!

I have the exact same problem, but the file “UnrealDatasmithMaxExporter_4_24_2.msi” is no longer available. Where can I find this particular file?

Have you found a solution to this problem, because I have the same message, and I can not find the version 4.24.2.msi what to do?