Datasmith file in unreal

did you activate your datasmith plugin in unreal engine?

i have problem when i try to import a datasmith file in unreal i can not select the file, it does not exist however it is made in 3ds max and saved as an datasmith file …
can somebody please help me ?

I have the same problem and Unreal Engine just grey’s out the datasmith plug-in. On the Other hand, on the launcher screen the Unreal Datasmith plug in says it is installed in all compatible versions:

Thanks for any help!!


When creating a new project, the ideal project type that utilizes the Datasmith Plugins is “Unreal Studio”. In Unreal Studio all of the Datasmith Plugins are automatically enabled. However, it is possible to convert your Blueprint project into an Unreal Studio project.

The following link will walk you through the steps of converting your Blueprint project to an Unreal Studio project:


That was it! Thanks !!!