Datasmith exporter for sketchup

hi ppl ive downloaded unreal engine 4.21.2 i wanted to install datasmith exporter for sketchup to import first of all my epic launcher does not have plugin part when i downloaded datasmith 2.1 from unreal web and instaled it the exporter works in sketchup fine but there is no sign of datasmith in unreal its not in the launcher nor in unreal new project part does any one know what i should do

I can confirm that you have registered for the Unreal Studio Beta. That is the first step.

Next, make sure you are logging into the launcher with the same account you used here. People often have two accounts and are logging into the launcher with the wrong one.

Then in the launcher, navigate to the “Unreal Engine” > “Library” tab (library on the top bar, not the side bar).

On the 4.21.2 engine slot, click on “Installed Plugins”. Is “Unreal Datasmith” already listed? If so, great…you are ready.

If not, scroll down the Library page until you come to the “Unreal Studio Beta” section. Here you should see the Datasmith plugin, and just click the button to install to engine.