Datasmith Export Plugin RHINO 7

May I know when will be Datasmith export plugin for Rhino 7 available? Thanks

Many people were working with WIP version since a long time ago, and now Rhino 7 had its soft launch already. Rhino 7 also has PBR materials, so proper Datasmith conversion of them would be much welcomed.

I would really appreciate Rhino7 plugin :slight_smile: Any news? Thanks


We are currently working on a rhino 7 plugin that should be delivered in a few months.

Hi, thanks, it would be great. I hope its gonna be awesome :slight_smile:

Hello! Is there any news for Rhino 7 plugin? Thanks!

hello guys!
any news regarding this?

Hi all, I found the Preview ver4.27 can be installed on Rhino 7 and it actually works.
You can use both functions on Toolbar or Export Selected.

Here is the link page:

Though in UE5 I got a lot of problems importing the model which contains too many blocks,
the datasmith file works well for UE4.26,
so at least I can import it to UE4 and then convert the project to UE5.

btw in UE5 it seems there’s an option for import .3dm directly with datasmith plugin,
Haven’t got the time to test that function tho.

Hi zefreestijl and all,

Good afternoon. I am very new to the forum. If I ask the question at a wrong thread, please let me know.

The question is: if (in UE4.26) Datasmith can directly import 3dm files, what is(are) the benefit(s) of using plugin to export to udatasmith then import?


Hi, I’m also new just joined this club about two weeks,

last time I used UE4 was 2015 and still hadn’t datasmith supported yet…

and I’ve tested some project in AEC fields recently,
the plug-in for UE5 is still WIP and pretty unstable…
I have to import datasmith to UE4.26 and then upgrade the file.

the difference between ds plug-in and original format
may be the file size and its organized metadata?
(except the nurbs format datasmith may not supports yet?)

the screenshot shows ds has the smallest size.


I’m still trynna get used to the datasmith workflow,
if you have any suggestion or experience pls share with me later :]



Hi, Thanks for reply.

At present, I am very confuse on why are there two methods:

  1. import direct from 3dm to UE;
  2. export to udatasmith file then import to UE.

If the udatasmith file size is smaller as a reason, the 3dm file is the source file to create the udatasmith file. In other words, the actual storage size will be ds+3dm.

However, I wondered if I should start a new topic on this question as this thread is on “Datasmith plugin for Rhino7”?

Hi @zefreestijl,

I started a new topic in the forum regarding the question between 3dm or udatasmith imports. I got a very good reply from UE_FlavienP. If you are interested, please read that post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thanks for the invite,
but can you gimme a direct link for it so I can join your discussion, thanks!