Datasmith export multiple pivots


When exporting multiple instanced geometry from 3ds Max I sometimes get the error “Multiple pivot locations found on instances of object SM_XXXXX… recommended to use Reset Xform utility…”

How exactly can I avoid this error? These are native max geometries duplicated as instances inside 3ds max so I’m not really sure why it’s saying that.

Some tests done:
1 Exporting a single (1) copy of the object (instance ) by datasmith still gives me the error.
2 If I make the instance into a unique object then export, I DONT get the error.
3 If I then make an instanced copy from this new, unique object, I DON’T get the error. (It becomes “cleaned” of it?)

I don’t touch the pivot at all during these tests.

My unreal scene gets messy really quick with tons of Scene components per instance to get around this… also I dont want to use Reset Xform on the objects because then I lose their transform gizmo orientation in unreal, which is very useful.

edit: I just went ahead and deleted the old instances and recreated them, and doing a test datasmith export everynow and then to see if it gives this error. It was a bit of work (scene had 50 instanced spotlights) but I think worth it to make world outliner neat and organized.