Datasmith Export is avialable for Max 2021 & UE4.25 but Datasmith importer is not avialable

I found Datasmith exporter plugin which supports 3ds max 2021 & UE 4.25 in unreal official website ( link - Datasmith Exporter Plugins - Unreal Engine )
But in UE marketplace the Datasmith importer plugin neither support 3ds Max 2021 nor UE 4.25.
What does it mean if i can export the file but can not import.
Please correct me if i am wrong or please provide any solution if available.

The datasmith importer plugin has been integrated in the engine a few releases ago. If you want to use Datasmith in 4.25, enable the Datasmith plugin in your project plugin settings. The marketplace Datasmith is for older versions of the engine (before we shipped the plugin with it).


Ok. Got it. Thanks a lot for your quick response.