Datasmith error, not transforming into power of two, not transforming bump maps into normal maps

Hi there, I’m using UE 4.21 and the related 3dsmax Datasmith exporter for 3dsmax 2016.
Everything worked smoothly in previous versions but something happened with this last one.
Once i export my models, I look in the folder where all the assets are stored in order to check if everything is fine.I’ve seen that the image files are not transformed into power of two, instead i find the original size (ratio) texture, this is very necessary in order to stream texturing in UE4 and i wonder what happened compared to previous versions. The same for the normal maps, i couldn’t find any of the ones there were supposed to be. No bump transformation at all.
Has anybody experienced any similar issue?.
What can i do to solve this?, it’s very annoying and makes datasmith workflow pretty unusable.
Thanks in advance


We have a dedicated support site for Unreal Studio and Datasmith, where you can post questions and report issues. Can you please post at the link?

Thank you.