Datasmith doesn't work with UE 4.26.2

Hi folks.

Today I updated to the new version 4.26.2 and Datasmith doesn’t work anymore. I thought to reinstall it, but it says to me that it doesn’t support this version. In the store it says it would support V 4.19-4.23 only but in the manpage they say it will support 4.26. What is wrong?

Hi Alice_vom_See,

The Marketplace plugin has been deprecated for quite a few releases now, please make sure the Datasmith plugins are enabled in your project (no need to enable all of em, “Datasmith Content” and “Datasmith Importer”, are required, the rest is up to your needs).

Cheers !

Thank you. All plugins are enabled but C4D files will be not recognized. It’s strange. When I installed it, some month ago, it worked. After update to the latest version C4D and other files will not be recognized any more, OBJ and FBX only.

Hello Alice,

the datasmith supported formats have been removed from the general “import” menu. You can import them by triggering a datasmith import pressing the datasmith button first or by creating a dataprep asset and importing them from there.

Thank you. I have always overseen the button above. LOL. I thought it recognizes the file type by open the import menu. Now I know it doesn’t work and use the button. Thanks.