Datasmith crash

Hi. I updated to the most current version of Unreal Studio. I started a new project. I exported my assets from my 3rd party program using the Datasmith plugin. When I try to import that file inside UE Studio using the Datasmith import option, it allows me to choose what to import and where to import it to. I start importing HOWEVER it gets to 90% and crashes. I’ve left my PC for 24 hours to see if it progresses beyond 90% but it doesn’t. I have uninstalled UE Studio and Datasmith from the Epic Launcher and reinstalled both from scratch - problem still persists. The original 3rd party file size is 21mb. After exporting to Datasmith it’s 790mb.

Any suggestions?
P.S. - I didn’t have any problems prior to upgrading to the new version. It was all working pretty well.

If the software you are exporting from is 3dsMax, SketchUp, or Revit… then make certain that you have also updated to the latest version of the Exporter plugin and re-export the asset.

When ever you experience an engine crash, please always submit your crash reports (via the dialog window that pops up). I am unable to locate any crash reports from you, and the information they contain could be helpful.

The best way for us to investigate and resolve this issue will be for our staff to reproduce the issue. Please log a bug report for Unreal Studio here, and provide the asset or another sample asset that also encounters the issue.

Thank you.

HI Stephen
Thanks for your reply.
I have uninstalled Unreal Studio and the Datasmith plugin and then completely reinstalled them, so to the best of my knowledge the Epic launcher is installing the latest of both. However when I open Unreal Studio it complains that the plugin is outdated. Is there perhaps another way of checking of this process?

Sorry, I also just noticed that there is (another) update to Unreal Studio. Perhaps there was a general issue, so I’ll check to see if the new update resolves the problem.

I uninstalled my previous version of Unreal Studio from the Epic launcher and now the launcher does even give me an option to install Unreal Studio AT ALL. EDIT - It auto corrected when I closed and reopened the launcher

OK. Working now. Close Epic Launcher and re-opened then UE Studio was available to install. It auto installed the Datasmith plugin. Went to Datasmith - Unreal Engine and downloaded the plugin again and installed that. After going through my workflow, every imported fine into UE. Now to look into some lighting and light mass issues :eek:

Glad you’ve gotten everything working.

Just a note that we’ve just released another updated to Datasmith 4.21 (E3) a few moments ago. This includes updates to the import and exporter plugins.

Thanks Stephen. Unfortunately I already need another (new) Datasmith exporter because SketchUp has release their V2019 update, which means I won’t be able to use v2018 within 60days. The datasmith exporter only installs to v2018 at the moment. Any chance on having an update available?

email me at pierrefé i’ll send you a preliminary version