Datasmith Cad importer not visible

Hi All,

I’ve installed the Unreal Studio version 4.19.2 and i’m not seeing the Datasmith Cad Importer plugin anywhere. Also missing is the Unreal Studio Tab option to start a new project. I’ve checked under Edit-Plugins-Unreal Studio. When i hit the Import button in the Content Browser, its the same FBX format. Also missing is the Import Datasmith Button at the top of the interface. I’m trying to bring Rhino files into Unreal. Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong?



Hi there ,
Can you confirm that your Unreal Studio Subscription Status is Active.
You should be able to find that information on the right side of your launcher.

If this is not the case and you did indeed install studio from here:

Let us know :slight_smile:


Hi Marie,

I just got it working by following the manual install steps in the documentation. I’m having another problem with the Substance in Unreal engine plug-in. When I log in using my
Allegorithmic credentials, I get an error when I try to download a material even though im signed in. Can you advise?

Hey there Reederdzn :slight_smile:

I think i answer you about that in your other post :wink: