Datasmith CAD files import, no data from either Python or BP


My goal is to import a .dwg-file into Unreal Engine using Datasmith and then be able to export the data as a .fbx.

I have been following the examples posted in the forums, but none seem to work for me.
Example for Python:

Import example BP and Python:

In both examples the function used to construct DatasmithSceneElement is “construct_datasmith_scene_from_file”, but it says that it needs to read a .udatasmith-file from disk. I want to read a CAD file, which both examples should describe, shouldn’t “construct_datasmith_scene_from_cad_files” be used instead then?

The problem with using the later function is that, when I try to get the options, doesn’t matter if I use get_options, get_import_options or get_all_options, the options is always empty, which makes me believe that there is something wrong in the construction of the DatasmithSceneElement and some information missing when using “construct_datasmith_scene_from_cad_files” or .dwg-files?

What is the next steps I should take to get this working? Is there something I’m missing or is this even possible? UE5 bug?