Datasmith Asset rotation error

Inported cars from my 3ds MAX file usin Datasmith. The cars come in correctly. In place and in their proper location. However when I pick the asset to edit lightmass uvs, the object are rotated 90 degrees on the y axis…very strange.

What exactly are you trying to do? l’m not sure how exactly it works but Datasmith places a pivot and scale object and then attaches the static mesh to this object. To preserve instance data from 3dsmax that isn’t supported in unreal 1:1. Works 99% perfect as far as i can see.

I select my parked car in 3ds Max, export with Datasmith, call it parked car. Import Datasmith file into UE4, car imports properly and bu when I click on the geometry to set my uvs and lighmass resolution, the car is rotated 90 degrees.

Feel free to create a technical support ticket so the team can have a look