Datasmith Archicad plugin causing filenaming issue in content browser

Hi, I am trying to import Datasmith file exported from ArchiCAD 25 using 4.27_1 version of exporter plugin (both latest at the time of posting). The projected content browser in dataprep is showing random names instead of walls, windows etc. Due to which it is impossible to create recipes. And the projected world outliner is also creating simple names like StaticMeshActor_1-2-3. This was not the case with older plugin that was available on ArchiCAD site. Unfortunately i deleted older version. Stuck now. Can not find any help. I am learning the workflow and was deep into it when this happened. And their is no option to download these from the plugin page at Unreal site. Kindly provide option to download older version archicad datasmith plugins also.

Hi Lotus_One,

You can find our documentation on the Datasmith Archicad plugin at the following link : Using Datasmith with Archicad | Unreal Engine Documentation

In Dataprep, I would suggest using metadata since you will have much more information to distinguish and filter entities. (see the Metadata and Classifications section of the Datasmith for Archicad documentation page and Visual Dataprep Selection Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation for how you can Filter by Metadata)


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