Datasmith animated camera import doesen't work

I’m having a problem importing an animated camera, it’s a free camera that has keyed tracking data attached to it. When I import the Datasmith scene from 3d Studio Max the camera is missing from the scene although it does show up in the world outliner. When I add the camera to the level sequencer I see the view from the camera but there is no positional data. The strange thing is that if I create a new Max scene with a free camera that I animate myself I’m able to successfully bring it into Unreal using Datasmith no problem. There is something about the free camera with the tracking data that Unreal doesn’t like, does anyone have any ideas how I could bring this camera into Unreal? :frowning:

There are some threads that deal with importing a camera using an FBX export but when I’ve tried that the camera and the geometry never match up with what’s in 3d Studio. I should tell you I’m trying to use Unreal to render out CG elements that will be composited back into per-recorded footage and the camera tracking data is being generated by Boujou.