Datasmith and CityEngine trouble

I’m working on a bringing a scene from CityEngine(2021.1) to Unreal (4.27) through datasmith and I’m running into serious trouble. It’s been crashing with larger scenes, but it will load if I take a small section, I think that is because of the street graphs having an error or two.

With a small section, I get this weird shading and lighting problem. The models and textures look fine opened up on their own, but the scene is this. I made a blank level, or a time of day template. Those default objects show up fine and the datasmith stuff is below with weird shading errors.

How can I fix this? Every article and video I’ve read and watched showed the whole process as seamless and hassle free.

can you privately share the project with the asset and datasmith scene?

Thank you, but I solved it already. The people on CityEngine’s forum pointed out an export setting for a global offset that centers the scene because CE is geolocated and Unreal isn’t.