Datasmith actors

I have a question about datasmith reimport and actor positioning. So If i Import a datasmith scene, it automatically spawns the scene in the level. If I change the mesh in 3dsmax and reimport the datasmith in Unreal, the mesh also updates, which is what I want. So far so good.
But say you delete meshes and create new meshes in 3dsmax and reimport, the actors in the world outliner won’t update. You will find your new meshes in the content browser, but not in the world outliner. Also the actors in the world outliner don’t get deleted as they should. How do you deal with that? Shouldn’t the actors in the world outliner somehow synchronize with the newly reimported datasmith scene in the content browser? Because if you change them, they do. But if you add or delete, that doesn’t carry over?
Yesterday I had some mesh disappeared from the world outliner and I had to manually drag&drop it into the scene. The actor just wouldn’t show up otherwise. Then of course the position of the mesh was all wrong, so I had to manually copy&paste the original XYZ coordinates from a backup file, it was a huge hassle.
How do you place/respawn content from a datasmith scene into your level? Drag&Drop obviously isn’t a good solution. I need the mesh at the right coordinates.
Why is the Datasmith scene in the content browser not 100% linked to the Datasmith Actor in your world outliner?

Did you ever get your answer? I’m encountering the same issue.

Have you tried the different “sync current level actors” options during reimport or after reimport?

Thanks, I tried this already but I’ll try again, maybe I just missed something.