Datasmith 4.27 reimport not working with Autodesk Inventor (2019-2021)

Not working assembly or part reimport in unreal 4.27, only import but any change after reimport if i change something in Inventor assembly or part.
(4.26 working without problems with Autodesk Inventor 2021 and older version)
Color part partially working (only some color), texture import absolutly not working (4.26-4.27)

I repro the issue on the reimport for 4.27. It seems to be fixed on the main release branch so will come for 4.27.1.
Could you share with us a sample of the color import failing and same for the part with texture?

(Autodesk inventor 2019-2021 teste) Texture transport not working totally, color transport only working from this type of material

only “wall paint” material transport color to face thru datasmith other materials or textures creates only gray surface

for example aluminium profiles with material is not imported … without material only gray…

example of texture in Autodesk Inventor 2019-2021

in unreal 4.26 no textures… only import some color

transparent material same problem not imported (there is manual works select unreal glass material)

Hello Inder2,

ATM, the textures are not supported for CAD import of this format.

If the color is stored as a base color texture then it will not import properly as we do not import texture. If the color is stored as a RGB value, Datasmith should be able to create a corresponding material upon import.