Datasmith 4.26 Export Plugin Fails to Install - Can Not Find 3ds Max


When attempting to install Datasmith plugin for 3ds Max, I receive a popup error stating there are no installs of 3ds Max on my system. I do have the code installed at C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2022

I tried installing the prereq files too and that did not help. Have also tried a lower version of the plugin and that too fails.

Install Log File
install.log (57.5 KB)

Hi alarosesef,

3ds Max 2022 is only supported starting with the 4.27 plugin. You can install the 4.27 version of the Datasmith plugin but work on the 4.26 version of Unreal Engine, exports are retro compatible.

Cheers !

SOLUTION: Thank you. I used the 4.27 version and it installed fine. Thank you.

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