Datasmith 3d max

hi, i have 3d max file about 700 mb. when i try to export in datasmith it crashed at 74%
how i can resolve this problem?
thank u so much

Have you found a solution? Mine is also crashing max at 74% as well.

I have the same problem, tried every thing i know, in my case export is working if i apply for example a clear material like coronamtl on all scene(but that is not what we need), the conclusion is that the problem is in the materials, also export works if i delete corona from 3ds max, i tried to export objects one by one, some of them are exporting and some not, the same problem crash at 74%, but if i apply on them a new coronamtl it works again. working on big projects and verifying every single object is a waste of time. will be grateful if someone find a better solution

Well that’s a great clue, the issue must be Corona’s new physical materials, which they have been a headache to be honest. Thanks

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Also noticed that datasmith crashing at 74 % if i use a complex material like coronalayeredmaterial. hope you find the observation useful.

Does anyone know if this is issue is fixed? I am also crashing at 74% using Corona 8.

Hello @sjees0n @anonymous_user_6f7e1e74
can one of you share your 3d Max model in private message with me or @Antoine_Guillo so we try to do a repro with our dev?

Ive had to remove any objects imported from Bridge to get a scene in 3ds max to export with datasmith properly without crashing was my culprit. Corona 8 as well

try this steps

  1. change render engine to vray
  2. run the vray scene converter so all the corona materials will be converted to vray materials
    then try running datasmith
    this steps worked for me

it is nice idea but not working properly spacialy if there is multiple materials in the scean