Dataprep > Substitute Material By Table

Followed documentation on this, doesn’t seem to work.…aterialbytable

Perhaps a run–through of the Structure field types could be expanded on? Presently I have everything setup as described on documentation, but materials fail to change.

we would need to see a couple screenshots for helping out.

Thanks Pierre-Felix, just added screenshots to original post.

That table looks legit but i don’t see your graph nor your assets imported by dataprep. that would help

also the exact match option could be too restrictive. try “contains”?

Graph doesn’t give too much away, having culled it to work out why it’s not working.

I’m sure there is something wrong with how I have implemented it, but seemingly matching parameters produce different results when executed through Substitute Material and Substitute Material By Table. Material Data Table being used is from the screenshot in previous post.

Any ideas on this? Have no idea why this isn’t working.

For anyone who has an issue with this operation, please use the ***MaterialSubstitutionDataTable ***type when the prompt asks you to create a data table (or if you want to create a data table from the content browser). Custom structures wont work with that operation ! :slight_smile: