[DATAPREP] Multi name filter and Static Lighting Setup


I’m working on a Blueprint for Dataprep-Import. What I want is: Create Static Lighting Setup for the imported Datasmith scene. But then use an array of strings to filter some specific objects and apply a different Resolution Ratio onto them. Both works perfectly - if only one of them is executed. But both combined won’t work. It only takes the Lighting Setup for the whole Dataprep Import.

Did someone have a similar problem or approach to the whole thing? Am I doing something completely wrong, am I missing some stupid little problem or should I simply wait for the next Dataprep update?

Thanks and best regards!

it seems to be working for me.
When you tested them separately where you also doing the “Filter by Name”? One issue I had is that I actually wanted to do a “filter by Actor label” and not a filter by name
But it might be something else, which version of the engine are you running on?


Hi FlavienP,

Thank you! It works!

With the ‘Filter by Label’ it works. I also added the ‘Filter by class’ node - seems to be more clean after all :rolleyes: I’m working with 4.26.1 right now. Most of the time I’ve to compile the Blueprint 2 times, because the first time the engine crashes. After the restart everything is fine, so no worries from my side.

But thanks! Another task that is nearly 100% automated with Dataprep :slight_smile:

Hello Pantoth,
happy to hear it is working the way you want.

The compile crashing the editor seems to be related to the fact that the dataprep asset is open and you are using a visible array variable.
I will log it as a bug so the dev can check if it is normal or not, at least it should not crash the editor.
Thanks for reporting.


Oh, ok! I’ll pay attention if that will prevent the crashes :slight_smile: Thanks!