Dataprep crashes editor

For the whole day I have been fighting with the problem, and I just don’t know where to write except here.
I am trying to import a datasmith file into my project using dataprep.
I create a dataprep file, import the datasmith file into it and everything works fine so far. If I press “Execute” it works, but if I press “Execute” again(or “Commite”), the editor will freeze. In the task manager, the load of the RAM by the editor increases until it reaches 96-97%. The editor hangs for 10 minutes, and then crashes without any error messages.
I ran some tests, and realized, that everything was working fine in the new project, but it was crashing in my work one. How to understand what exactly is the problem? The project is huge, I have no idea what this might be.
Any ideas?
I attach a log for the caseUE_01.log (96.7 KB)