Datamining right into a hole :D

So, cool thing I learned today. Its possible and ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’‘relatively’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ easy to get texture files out of super cool games. As someone trying to learn how to make FX for games, this is pretty sweet, as I was having a hard time visualizing what individual textures looked like when not arranged all pretty like. I mean, you cant learn to paint without looking at a few paintings. :smiley: Of course, I’ll have to make sets of my own, as the professional textures are just for reference/inspiration. All sounds great and dandy right?

Well… it would be if there weren’t so **** many textures in professional games.

Diablo 3: 25,000 texture files
Dragon Nest: 38,000 texture files
Torchlight 2: 1,500 texture files

and unfortunately, the diablo and dragon nest files aren’t really separated into what is FX and what is everything else, so i’ll have to go through that by ‘hand’, so to speak. Torchlight 2 i think all i got was FX files, but you never know. Say good bye to the next 3 weeks of my life at best, 3 months at worst maybe. All well, at least they all go well with the 1,444 video files I recorded and edited featuring all the best FX from games I like to play often… did I mention that I have an occasionally troublesome habit of going overboard when I am excited about stuff?

Next games on my hit list for extracting: Firefall, Smite, Archeage, and Bioshock Infinite maybe? (Bio might be hard/impossible. I don’t feel like risking my computer for a game that isn’t drowning in FX).

Any of you go overboard on occasion?