DataConfig - JSON Parser and Serialization framework for the Property System.


I’ve been working on this library called DataConfig for a while now and finally get it released today!

Notably features:

  • Support every type can be marked as UPROPERTY(), including delegates and UObject references.
  • Pull/Push styled API for verbatim data access and lossless type infomation.
  • Out of the box JSON deserialization that supports custom conversion logic.
  • Designed as a collection of tools that can be easily extended to support other formats.

Docs: Intro - DataConfig Book

The library is released free and should be very easy to integrate.
Please give it a try if you’re looking for JSON parsers and working with property system code frequently.

I’ve also released a editor plugin that loads JSON into DataAsset on the market:
Marketplace: DataConfig JSON Asset in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace