Databased car controller

Hi everyone! I am pretty new to unreal engine and i am trying to show a simulation from another program. I will get a excel with the transforms of a pathway of a road and the speed the vehicle will have in every path point. I am starting to export my excel to csv and then import it to my project as datatable (or data curve, not sure for now which will fit better for my purpose) and then connect it to my car /path.
Right now my two biggest questions / worries are:
1st) Can I create a pathway by accessing the data table transform values of those waypints?
2n) (Almost careless because I assume that its possible) Is it possible to also read speed values of the waypoint data table and set it to my car?

As you can guess, the main idea is to have the car following the exact path at the exact speed of the data.

Ok little update, after importing my csv file, I noticed that now only reads the rotation radius in the X, the speed in the Y and the acceleration in the Z.
So, now i will try to reimport the file the file but with only the transforms values in the X an the Y (X and Y as phisical directional vector) and then will try to attatch the first data table to my car (because its info is related to it) and the second one for the path and then will try to connect each other.

Hi every one again! I´m really stuck into create an sapline with my data… Not sure what i´m doing wrong. Here you can see de bp I´ve created for my track spline. The main idea is to get the vectors that forms the location of the way points and add them to an array wich will be used to create the points of the waypoint spline.

Hi again! New update:
I FINALLY made a bp that will read my csv and then create a spline (or path to follow)
but now is my car bp what is getting problems… Every time i hit the play button to try it out the car and the spline dissapears in the editor and this message show up " Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property Trackreference” because my track reference is an object reference and not a class which can have a default value. So all my driven object blueprint has a huge error but not sure how to fix it

Aaaaaand done, my car moves (it does not have the right orientation to the forward vector, but it moves!)
So the thing was not to declare the track reference as an object reference, but a soft object reference and you will be able to set a default value to your reference.

I will leave here the spline creator bp and the waypoint based car bp for those who might need it!
this one is the spline creator

and this other is for the vehicle: