Database Connection in UE4

Okay, So I have asked this in the past and had no results. I have googled beyond belief and have tried to learn how to do it on my own. I have had no results in figuring out how to create a bridge between UE4 and ANY source of Database connection. I prefer to use Mysql or MSSQL. I prefer to use blueprints (because theyre more simple) but I have a basic understanding of C++ and PHP. I just really need some support or guidance in this adventure of mine. Any suggestions or pointers would be great!!

My Intentions.
UE4 > Database
Database = 2 Tables
Table 1 - Game Information (Item Names, Item Stats, Item Inventory Icon, Item Game Model, Etc.)
Table 2 - Game Accounts (Player Login, Username - Password - Email - Etc.)

Just a simple connection would do for now. I can work on security measures later on. Thanks in advance!

Kerambyte - YouTube have fun!

The videos are private.

ups sorry, old link.
I’m afraid I cannot help then, sry :frowning:

Googling word choice is important, not sure what you tried but I got this as one of the top results with “ue4 php mysql”

Awesome thanks King Scott, thats what I was looking for! I was using “UE4 JSON Query Tutorials” and “UE4 Database Connection”