Data Tables

Hey guys,

Is there any plans to create a way for blueprints to edit and create data table at run time, or someway to create an instance of an existing Data Table and populate and edit it at run time?


I have want to do that for a time now. Read a lot of different forum post and they have said that data tables will not be writeable for some time. In 4.15 a new Data Table variable was added though, but now way to write new rows to it.

In 4.15 they added the Maps variable class which can replicate the functionality of a Data Table quite good. If you set up a struct (as you would when creating a Data Table) and in a blueprint create a Map with a Name variable as Key and the Struct you created as Data value. Then you can simply grab the Map (which acts as a Data Table) end Find -> Key. That will work the same way as Find Row in the Data Table Blueprint Action. The Map you can then write, read and extend like the Array existing in blueprint already.

If you still want to use Data Tables in the Editor with Excel you can simply on Event Begin Play loop the Data Table and populate the created Map (String/Stuct). Each Row in the Data Table will be a Key/Data combination in the Map.

This is in the 4.15 preview though, so it will be useable when 4.15.1 hits the Launcher.