Data Tables - How to get specific columns?

Hi guys and girls!

I have been working on a hint system for our Escape Room game. I have worked out the way to track what puzzles the player has discovered and also imported my hint data into a data table made up of structs with this configuration:

  • PuzzleID(a Enum-list of all the puzzles in the game).
  • HintID(the hint number, as in hint nr 1 for PuzzleId “BasementDoor”).
  • HintText(The text that is given when requesting the hint).

So I’ve populated the data table with my data and now I want to get the rows that correspond to a specific PuzzleID. I was thinking that I could just loop thru all of the rows in a specific column and get all the rows that matched my input “name”. Like get all columns of property “x” in data table, loop thru them, check if row is equal to “Name” and store them for additional filtering.

Well as far as I can tell there is no real way to do that. All fetching of data seems to be driven by the Row Name and that is just a number in my case. Since our players will be permitted several hints I can’t just name the row after the puzzle and just get the row according to the name of the puzzle. Even if I rename the Rows to something like BasementDoor1, BasementDoor2 I don’t know how to make that work.

I guess we might have to go with just one hint to start with, but does anyone have any suggestion on how to solve something like this? :slight_smile: