Data Tables and Structs need more love!

Data Tables and the underlying Structs are essential for defining small changes in Actors without having to wire up Variables to various Events or create 100s of Child Classes.
These features have to be improved to be actually useful. E.g.: I’m currently working on a Horde-mode spawning system where the User only needs to define the EnemyClass, Amount, Delays and other Data and all the work will be done by the BPs. By far I encountered 2 Problems with unpleasant workarounds:

-1.: There is no Variable Type “DataTable”. Whenever I change between different Tables I have to copyNpaste my nodes to access to Data.

-2.: Actor references can NOT be defined in the DataTable itself, only the Actor (Child-)class.

I can live with Problem #1, but I can easily imagine scenarios where it could save a lot of time and unnecessary Nodes (=money and performance) to have this Variable.
#2 makes an important Feature incomplete, therefore I’d classify that as high-priority-problem (but in the end it’s still up to Epic to declare the Priority).

Requiring Users to manually cast Actors or assign IDs is nowhere near to “good”. Although this is a personal Problem, many Developers using DataTables will encounter it in a similar form.