Data Table Row Variable

It would be really nice to pull data table rows into an enumerator variable, so different instances of the same blueprint could use different data rows without manually typing in the name each time. The current process would be to use a name variable and type the data table row name in, but if the row name is changed,the name isn’t typed carefully, or the name otherwise doesn’t match because you misremember it or whatever, the variable won’t be able to load the correct data row. The drop-down list of an enumerator is a lot easier to deal with, but to use an enumerator as it stands, one would have to create an enumerator that had all the data table row names by hand, and if one is updated, the other must be manually updated alongside it.

A variable class could automatically be added for each data table that’s created (something like e_DataTableName), which would act like any other enumerator, its enumeration populated by the data table row names. Or, one could create an enumerator based on a data table, so the data table automatically fed in its row names.