Data Table Row Editor - Can't Edit Rows [Resolved]

I created a USTRUCT to be used as an FTableRowBase in a Data Table, but the Row Editor would not display the properties for modification.

The issue was I needed to have at least VisibleAnywhere in each UPROPERTY and I deleted it for some reason. I also discovered that it is possible to omit this specifier to prevent some properties from being edited in the Data Table, but I’m not sure what the side effects would be.

I added the VisibleAnywhere specifier for each property in the USTRUCT that I wanted to be able to edit in the Data Table.

You probably want EditDefaultsOnly to allow the values to be edited in the Row Editor. VisibleEverywhere will display it, but won’t let you edit the values.

(EditEverywhere would also let you edit the values here, but also in other places like blueprints, which you might not want)