Data table not packaging

I created a data table using a csv file. I have everything setup through blueprints and it works in the editor. When I package for windows or html5 the package version is not referencing the data table. There is a mesh actor I’m referencing with a string not with a data table and that is working. Is there a way to make sure the data table is referenced in packaging?

In the Project - Packaging settings there are lists to add additional files to package. Or did you already configure that and it is still not packaging?

I did update the package setting but I might be confused on what files should go in to the folder being linked. I have loaded the csv file that the data table is referencing. What files should I put in the link folder? Thanks for the help.

Did you ever manage to solve this?

Might be 3 years too late, but I just added a reference to them in a random blueprint