Data Table Column Order

Hi, I’m generating some data tables via C++ and their structs can go through an inheritance chain. The base struct contains a name and an ID and any other struct derives from that (besides the mandatory FTableRowBase).
Now it seems that in the editor, columns are ordered by that inheritance chain. So the lowest sub-struct’s properties are shown first on the table, while the bottom base struct’s properties (name and ID as mentioned above) is shown last, so you would have to scroll quite a bit to the right to see them.

Is there a way I can control how a table is displayed in the editor? I would like to display name and ID first, as these are the most important properties for our editor guys to see. So instead of ordering the columns from the most derived struct, it should start from the base and go through each consecutive derivative.
If I should elaborate a bit more on that, please let me know.

Did you figure out how to do this? Im facing the same issue. It’s quite annoying and to be honest, it should be the other way around by default.

Bump, same issue here. Is there a way around this? (4.26.2)