Data table and struct help

Hi all, I’m working on a prototype. I’m wondering if there is a way to use data table to get a set of buttons pressed (Mostly 3 or 4 could change later) in an order within “x” duration and then setting a corresponding Boolean type variable.

Here’s how my csv looks like

Button1, Button2, Button3, MovesName

Move1, Up, A, A, SpMove1
Move2, Up, A, B, SpMove2
Move3, Up, A, X, SpMove3
Move4, Up, A, Y, SpMove4

These are 4 moves for example, I’ll have about 30+ moves, not sure how many for now. I created a struct, with 3 arrays . Button1, Button2, Button3, set to type “Key”. Each array has 4 elements, Button 1 has gamepad leftstick 4 directions, Button 2 and 3 have Gamepad 4 Face buttons. At this point I am not really sure if I need them to be in an array, or even set to “key” type for that matter. 4 variable MovesName is set to “bool”.

I guess all I want to do is for instance in Move 2, if UP, A, B are pressed only once within 2 seconds in the same order, then set bool type variable “MoveName” for that corresponding row to true.
I’m attaching images of my structs and datatable.

Any help on this will be appreciated.