data stuct

Hello every Please am new in Ue4 comming from a c++ background.
So my question is can we implement the data structure std::vector<> in blueprint node if yes how ?

Hi man , really not sure what that mean,
in unreal you can have vectors, array of vectors, structures of vectors…
Nodes to make , change, rotate, normalize…

You can recreate vector with a ustruct if you want.

Vectors, both 2D and 3D exist as data types already in Unreal.

Structs for both of those also already exist.

std::vector is generally a different thing than 2d/3d vectors. It’s not clear what your needs are, but if you need like, a list or any number of floats, you make a float variable and change it’s type to array in blueprints. The menu to change type looks like a green line or something.