Data not found: Remote Use items during taming

I’ve been looking at creating items for remote use when taming dinos, like an item that slowly drains the food. However when I tried it out I noticed that it had no effect on the dino so I started looking for references for stuff like Stimulant, Narcotics etc., but I found no link between them and any of the Dino related BP. I’m guessing this data is still hidden from us.

Is this something we will be able to mod in the future?

The things you are interested in are controlled by the 15-16 DinoSettings blueprints. There is a lot involved in updating those parameters however since you essentially have to parent/child every dino in the game and have them reference the new dino settings blueprints then remap the npcs in gamedata.

That is not the case. Those blueprints control what the dinos eat automatically during taming and that is not what I’m looking for.

Your next best bet is just going to be PrimalItemConsumableEatable under addcharacterstatusvalues; if that doesn’t effect dinos, then you are going to need to blueprint script the effect.

The reason I posted in the first place is that I created an item that did drain my characters hunger but had no effect whatsoever on the dinos. Also since dinos are affected in different ways by different items when remote used I figured there would be some sort of reference between item and dino BP, however there is none visible.

You can make a buff to drain food on a dino. I made an Extra Tranqs mod on steam that uses a few items to do that.