Data from Data-Table seems not to be available

In the project everything works.
I don’t exactly know if this is the issue.
I have a widget with an editable text.
It converts the input into Upper Characters. Maybe here is a problem, i don’t know.
It checks the input and looks, if there is data found.
When found than Buttons are apearing.
In the project it founds the data.
in the case if the beginning char is = “*” than put char ="+" instead. This works.
But not the search in the table.

When you need a speacial picture , please say

Not sure what your problem is exactly - I can only say data tables work for me on android devices.

Best bet is to watch a youtube tutorial video on how to use them and test with that first before doing your data manipulation afterwards :wink:

Hm…ok : )
I will see of course…
i hope i get a tip here.
In the project everything is ok. i test it with mobile prewiev.
There everything works fine.
It seams, it has something to to with the virtual keyboard, something with the input. Than it don’t compare right when i check the editable text

Why do you need an input for the datatable? It’s an imported csv file right? You could check the datatable is being packaged? Sometimes files and folders of certain types are not included so add the folder the unreal datatable object is in under the project settings. Otherwise you can also check the android logs to see if there are any helpful logs shown.

I i will look at the settings and tell…
Yes i need the csv files, because i add files that i can create easy outside of unreal

Hm… i need help with this…
i needed so long to answer, because i changed my gamelogic to ensure that it really should find the data, even the input might be different.

Here are my Settings:

My Content Folder…in the folder Testlevel everything is inside, what is needed:


here is my Data-Table

The CSV-File is not needed. I import it, than i use the Struct DATA

My guess is that you might only have a “soft reference” to your data and that it is not taken into account by the cooker.

First, you can check in the cooking log if your file has been considered for the packaging or not.
Second, how do you use the data? Is it only via C++ with path? or is it a property that you set in a BP with your asset?
Last did you test with “LaunchOn” or Shipping process?

I’m using Datatable a lot on Android (didn’t test IOS yet) and it is working without any issue.

I m working with Blueprint only at the moment.
I create the CSV with google sheets, than i import it.
I work with the Data and put it in Structures and save it with SaveGame.
When i have all the Data that i need and saved, than i don’t need them anymore. This is the state right now.
Later maybe i need them again, i don’t know right now.
In this state i only lounged directly on the device. When i managed the whole project on Android than i go on with IOS.

Now i will cook and test it, so that i can tell more.
Hello, thank you for your help!

i work on this, please wait

My problem was that I ticked “Strip from client builds” box in data table file :slight_smile: