Data exchange for architects via ifc

In the architectural world the ifc interface is getting more and more common for interoperability e.g. sending data back and forth between architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers e.t.c. All major architectural software like archicad, vectorworks, allplan etc. can handle ifc-data whereby elements like walls, slabs, windows, doors and you name it are recognized and handled as such. Therefore it would be absolutely terrific, if ureal studio and datasmith also would integrate this interface. This way it would be possible for architects, to use ureal studio more readily in their daily workflow without intermediate steps and datatransfers through 3dsmax or the likes.

Depends on how well defined IFC actually is. I’ve heard that it is very dependent on the tool authoring and the tool reading. What specific workflow and tool chain are you requesting we support?

when focusing on doing the visualization work for other companies or clients, .ifc export has been somewhat useful in that we don’t need to own any expensive software licences to get what we need. I guess as long as the data smith export plugins are available without requiring a subscription to unreal studio, the clients should be able to export for unreal studio for us.

Having a more universal exchange format is probably wishful thinking, but I think it would be nice to be able to do the visualization work for different groups no matter what software they are using and still have the same pipeline with a shareable format.

I think we’ll have some IFC pathways eventually. Just have to get some of the biggest requests (Revit) done first.

So will the datasmith exporter plugins for revit, sketchup, 3dsMax etc. be available for free?

Yes, the plan was to always make the exporter plug-ins free. To allow you to point people to those downloads.

Has IFC been added to the roadmap or is it still being considered for integration?

we’re starting it this week!

This is HUGE for me. I’ll be glued to this thread :slight_smile:

A quick check on this topic. Any news on possible progress?

Its going to take a few months. Our development team is ramping up on IFC and some design is happening.

This is definitely huge! Are you designing an exporter as well, that will keep/maintain the metadata within the same IFC BIM data structure? And will you change the string method of imported boolean metadata into actually being translated into bool types instead of strings? I guess that will be important. I can surely see great possibilities with being able to switch out a few BIM products in realtime in unreal, for then to click a menu widget button for exporting the model as IFC with updated selected content based on client wishes. Like in a configurator, and then export model back out with all data you need to actually do ingeneer work like calculating and placing orders based on that IFC export. I know this is a big digitalization feature that is spoken about a lot in the construction/architecture arena.

Has anyone seen the ASSIMP mesh import geometry libraries? The latest version supports IFC. Runtime mesh importer plugin [Plugin] Runtime Mesh Loader - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums is built off these libraries however it’s not yet using the latest ASSIMP release that supports IFC (and am unsure whether it simply gets geometry only from the file type)

I am also looking for IFC support.
any update on a expected ETA?

that’s going to be for 4.23 if everything works as expected. that should be in preview in approximately 2 months from now

Great news!!!

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If the account is good, it’s for now, or for very soon.
Your teams must be under pressure before summer, we support them for there great work.

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Here, we can use REVIT export to ODBC to hand all object data first. Then put RVT to 3D max then to UE4. After that, drive the modelling by object data.

I think this feature hasn’t been implemented in the 4.23 preview, right? I can’t find it.