Data Driven Text Generator

I’ve been working on this for my current game so I can generate unique names for all the files the player can find in the world. If there is enough interest then I’ll consider packaging it up as a plugin for the Marketplace and adding support for Markov Chains.

The primary workflow is to create text files with the strings you want to use on each line (you can embed escaped newline characters) and then import those text files as StringList Text Generator assets. This way you don’t have to edit an array of several thousand individual words inside the editor and can just update the text file and hit reimport. String Lists can use Zipf Distribution (where the first entry is twice as likely to be used as the second entry and so on) making it easy to manage large lists of words.

At the moment it’s very good at generating complete gibberish. It’s also very good at generating filenames that look both machine generated and human generated. It is however ultimately just a set of tools and could be used to assemble Quest text, emails, newspaper articles etc given the correct data.

Generating Gibberish in Blueprint

Creating a TextGenerator Asset


String Lists imported from CSV or Text files.

Random Number

Generate a Random Date and Time