Data Charts UE plugin documentation

Hi, has anyone used Data Charts plugin for UE? I’m looking for the documentation but can’t find anything. This plugin creates various animated charts as a blueprint. I’m trying to understand how to play in and out animation in the sequencer and customise edges in a pie chart.
Thanks a lot in advance for any help.

Hi, I’m on the same search, could you find out something

Hi, I’m on the same search, could you find out something

Adding myself to this queue. Anyway, I found out that if you want to animate them - Go into the blueprint - And instead of Event Build Chart - connect some keypress (right-click ->Keyboard Events → (eg A)), then go into the play mode and press A - this will start a flip flop - in and out animation, You can continue with experiments from there. Hope this helps someone.

Can you please provide complete process for the same.
That would be more helpful.

If you go to BP_BarChart and add this portion of the EventGraph, you will have a growing animation! Although it didn’t work for Pie-Chart and Line-Chart for me yet.

Good Luck!

Someone found docmentation about this??
I only found this blank page.

Not sure about Data Charts, but I recently published a set of 2D & 3D charts with animations, that can be easily synchronized.