Data Assets are always empty

When I make a new data asset and double click it to see details there are no details. I tried making a few different types of data assets and they’re all empty. If I make these assets in Unreal Engine 4.21 it works fine.

Below is an screenshot of what I see when I make an ARSessionConfig Data Asset in different engine versions. I right clicked in my content folder and choose Miscellaneous > Data Asset > ARSessionConfig then opened it.

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I couldn’t reproduce this with 4.23.1. So there might be more to it, try to find out if there are other steps to reproduce.

Also note, Epic uses a submission form for bug reports now.

It turns out I just had to press Window → Details for the details to show up.


Thanks for looking at it Crisp. I found out I just had to press window → details. It was off by default.