Data Asset Crashes

I’ll preface this by saying I’m not sure if this is the right place to post, feel free to move if needed.

The issue I’m having involves working with Data Assets in a C++ Source Build of UE 4.24. I have replicated this problem in a clean project. When creating and working with data assets, I am constantly plagued by crashes. Typically, the crash occurs when trying to open a new data asset instance that was just created. I cannot discern any reason for the issue in the log.

Steps to Reproduce:
Created a clean 4.24 project, using the First Person template with Starter Content.
I created several new blueprints of the class Primary Data Asset.
Inside these data asset blueprints, I setup simple logic to change the material of the first person character, along with altering a material parameter. Logic run under a function.
I then made instances of these data asset blueprints (right click > Misc > Data Asset). I then implement this as a variable in the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint. I call the function with the behavior described above.
Attempting to play in editor does work with the intended result. However, sometimes when opening a data asset instance I get a crash. Other times I get a crash when hitting PIE. Nothing gets corrupted, but it leads me to have to save after every change and constantly reload the project as crashes could happen 20-30 times in a day.

I have the crash log attached, but if that isn’t enough I can provide the project itself, as it is a clean project without any proprietary data in it. Any help would be appreciated here, thanks in advance!

Same problem