Dash only works correctly while in air

I’ve built a dash function that is supposed to make the player dash in the direction hes facing, however dashing up /down only works while in the air. While on ground i can only make dashes along the ground.

I want to be able to dash up off the ground


GetCharacterMovement()->GravityScale = 0;

GetCharacterMovement()->GroundFriction = 0;

FVector VecX = FirstPersonCameraComponent->GetForwardVector();

GetCharacterMovement()->Velocity += (VecX) * 4500;

try using launch character

Camera world location (start)
player actor location (target)

find look at rotation–> get forward vector *float (2500, try what you want) and put it in the launch characer velocity :slight_smile:

Thanks man! Worked like a charm.

nice :slight_smile: can u mark this as answer?:slight_smile: