Dash length is dependending on fps

Here is some Dash logic. The idea is to launch character fast and stop him right after 7.5 meter passed by. The code below is work fine only with fps 60+. How can I improve it? Do I need use DeltaTime? How shoul I use it?

stop him right after 7.5 meter passed

Shouldn’t you be measuring distance travelled then?

No, because it depends. If you jump on moving objects (for example, on the roofs of trains), then the actual distance you passed by will be equal to the distance of the dash + the distance that the train covered during the dash. So calculating the distance is not a solution.

Can you try your code but Normalise last input vector before multiplication.

I actually do it - it improve the diagonal dash. I just cut it to make this BP more readable.

How’s this then?

You will need to adjust the values to get the distance right since we’re multiplying by delta. Almost certain that’s not it, though.

As you can see, I use Stop Movement node on the end of code, because I need to launch and stop the character. Thanks for your time, mate, but this is not what I needed. I guess the issue is UE don’t have a fixed update node or a kind of that which is, I’m sure, could help me a lot.