Dash - Launch Character Question

so I wanted to create a blueprint to make the character “dash”, just transporting him fastly from one position to another forward.
The thing is that I used Launch Character to do it, but it makes him fly like an eagle if used near a cliff or somewhere that there’s no ground.
I tried many things to fix this issue, I just want him to proceed in the same speed ignoring if there’s ground or not. I think that I need to use something different from the Launch Character thing, but I just don’t know what can do it better than Launch Character.
I know that there’s issues with it and somethings are not optimized, I was just testing through and forgot some of my tests in this picture, like that Comparefloat, just ignore that.
Also, ignore the particle and the delay I used, it’s just that I wanted some smoke to fly from character’s feet when he did it, and a delay so he didn’t mad-spam it. I’m just a beginner student, so things are not even close to being optimized :B

edit: re-uploaded pic

No answers? I still couldn´t figure out a way to stop my character from flying off cliffs.

Hi Tariktakasu,

I believe you are looking for a way to not dash 3 to 4 times the distance while in the air? This is one way to help tone that down.

When dashing completely from the ground you have to set the dash distance higher because of friction. If you add in a small hop before the dash you can get away with a lower value which in turn lowers the dash distance off of ledges/cliffs.

When you GetActorForwardVector, multiply by a smaller ‘Dash’ amount then BreakVector. You will then add in a small hop before the dash, then MakeVector again.

The Branch you see after the key press checks to see if the player is in a walking state (on the ground) and if so, allows you to dash.

You can also watch this tutorial video that shows how to create a directional dash and might even show a few more interesting tricks to add to your movement blueprint.

If you have any other questions, please post back.
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Yeah this really helped me, and really brightens me up, but isn’t there a way to alter the ground friction while the animation is running? I mean, while he is “dashing”, reduce ground friction to 0 so I can be able to make the launch speed being equal on both air and ground.

And thank you for the really good answer!

No problem, your welcome. Here is an example of how to change the friction.

You will need to drag off of the character movement to get access to SetGroundFriction.

I added the delay after the Launch. This will pretty much set the dash duration.

That really helped a lot, now my dash is a lot better with your help! Thank you so much!

Hey sorry to interrupt but i think u guys can help

im trying to implement a dash function to my Sidescroller Character (for 3 days already!). On clicking Shift, i want him to dash

Dash using “Launch Character” is too fast. If i change the Velocity, its just gonna change the lengths of the dash, not the speed. Is it possible to slower the dash, while going the same distance?

Dash using “move component to” does exactly what i want to since u can change distance and time. But it also dashes through walls and stuff. How can i disable that?

If both of those commands wont work, is there another possibilty to create dashes?

(This is how its supposed to look like: sec 33-35) YouTube

Im glad about any help or clues i can get

This thread is particularly old, so this is for anyone who ends up here looking for what I was. AddImpulse did the trick for me. Doesn’t change your character’s state to falling and doesn’t throw you off ledges. Just calculates the player mass and applies a quick force in desired direction. For better ground movement, disable characterMovement ground friction and after impulse, short delay, set it back to it’s original state (1st/3rd person games). for top down or 2d games idk how this would work but i imagine it’s similar.

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How can I transition this to light speed dash for a sonic game ?

Why divided by 0.3 ?