Darwin System and Smart Lunar System

Okay so this is actually a combination of two core systems I originally made for my own game however after much time and tinkering it’s evolved into a very detailed AI program that could be useful in any unreal game however I am just one person and would love more input on how to make this program even better.

first let me explain the Darwin System I built. The Darwin system or Darwin Level (DL) is an automatically generated difficulty level. Rather then the player picking it from the home menu this system takes many things into account then changes how difficult the game is based on how well you are doing in the game. The current list of checks are as follows:
Time played
shots fired
shots hit
mana used
health healed
Enemy’s killed
Achievements won
potions used
items used
traps used
traps successful
hidden wonderlands found
player level
overall item level
overall item number

However more variety would be nice. That is why I am asking for your ideas on what other things I could base the Darwin System on. The flip side is what the DL will effect in the game. The current list is as follows:
Ammo Drops
Gold Drops
Monster Strength
Monster Spawn Rate
health regeaberration
mana regeneration
psych level
Potion strength
weapon strength
Armor Strength
respawn rates
Magic Ink (used to save game)
again we are looking for more ideas to cover a wider range of games it could be placed in. Any help with ideas on what the DL could effect are highly appreciated.

now for part two of this core. The Smart Lunar is a built in system that tracks time to put it simply however it has become more then just a simple program. This system is now at a point where it tracks the seasons, time of day and even the moon phases. It’s based on 30hr days and 30day seasons and a 8 seasons a year. The reason it is so detailed is that some monsters will only appear during one or two seasons before disappearing again perfect for haunted houses or holiday based events. The day and night system is to adjust so that monsters could be doing some activity’s during the day and then something different at night and allows for a 2.5 hour dawn and dusk window for the creatures to move and travel. This is designed so bats would appear at night flying about while birds sleep and vice Versa giving it a more natural feeling to your world. The other bonus to this is the addition of Lunar and Solar items that gain or loose power depending on time of day. You can even create a whole character class around this concept of time lunar phases. The reason the moon phases came about was for special events such as rituals or mini bosses or anything of that nature.

the current set up for the seasons is as follows
15hrs day 10hrs night
13 day 12 night
11 day 14 night
9 day 16 night
7 day 18 night
9 day 16 night
11 day 14 night
13 day 12 night
with 2.5 hours for dusk and dawn

1st through 3rd of each month is full
4th through 15th of each month is waning
16th through 18th of each month is new
19th through 30th of each month is Waxing.