Darksouls Boss AI

Hi all. I am working on a prototype at the moment and I am struggling to work out how I could implement a dark souls type boss AI. I have been working with behaviour trees and I am going to use them but I just cannot get the AI enemy to act how I need them to. I have been randomly getting the AI to jump at the player character but that doesn’t seem to work half the time, if it does he flies off into space.

Here is the link as to what I am aiming for. At the beginning of the video the enemy jumps at the enemy and attacks: - YouTube

I have been using ‘suggestprojectilevelocity’ but that does not work correctly, and I don’t think it is the right approach.

Any feedback or hints would be greatly appreciated.


Set actor transform Z + 300, then get player pawn world location, and transform the actor (with Sweep) according to the world location of the player pawn vector. And you probably have to substract about 150 U units from that player location vector, and trigger the AI attack once the AI character movement mode it grounded. You need forward vector of the AI rotate it to face the player pawn, then jump, then transform the AI location and land ~150 units in front of the player (depending on the attack animation).

This will create a straight jump line, for a more natural looking jump there a different methods and maths which could be used (maybe with applying an impulse or force once the AI is in air).